Wyldebyrd Art - The story

Welcome to Wyldebyrd Art, established in 2013, Wyldebyrd Art began in East Nashville Tennessee.  Initially known as East Side Art, Lance Lockhart the artist, collaborated with local businesses to capture a series of street photographs in a comprehensive collection of busnisess and landmarks in a collection of art pieces and collages. Shortly after leaving Tennessee for Arizona, Lance decided to change the name of East Side Art to Wyldebyrd.  Besides creating art Lance also is a full time pilot for Southwest Airlines.  With aviation as his profession and inspiration he wanted a name that captured flight.  Lance and his wife Jamie coincidently named their children Lucas Wylde and Judah Byrd.  He combined their names to create Wyldebyrd.

Prior to the establishment of Wyldebyrd Art, Lance grew up in Northern Ontario Canada, in Sioux Lookout.  His Father Howard was a pilot and his mother Sandra a school teacher.  His parents s started their own air service back in 1989.  Lance was asked to be the designer and builder of the remote buildings of the new business Lockhart Air Services.  

Combing years of summer jobs and his love of architecture in the far reaches of the remote wilderness Lance carved out the landscape and built several structures that are still standing and being used to date.  

After completing college Lance joined the company as a bush pilot.  He often flew hundreds of miles further north into remote native villages.  The adventure and challenge were in his blood.  As his connection to the landscape and the presence of history and culture of the native people.  It resonated with Lance.

Today Lance often connects the emotional history in people's live to the pieces he creates.  Not only is the art inspired, it often speaks to people on a deeper level.  That element helps transform the creations into generational keepsakes.

Follow Lance on his adventures as a pilot at Southwest Airlines on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Wyldebyrd.