In Search of Fuselage

As an artist and a 'picker' a term made popular by the show American Pickers, I often get asked how do I find the pieces I have to offer.  I can give people my full contact list so they can walk where I have walked but that doesn't connect to what actually needs to happen during the preclude in the process.  

Somehow if you are reading this blog you found your way to my website.  This usually happens today through a search engine or through a personal relationship I have created with people.  Buying fuselage is no different.  I can search the web using key words and knock on doors looking for someone to sell me a piece of aviation history.  However it is a relationship that I will form with people that creates a longer connection.  

There is a building block to this as well.  What is the language of aircraft?  Even for me an airline pilot with thousands of hours and days in an airplane, it won't prepare me for the language of people who buy and sell aircraft.  Firstly, how much to offer and how much to pay. Who works safe, and who works cheap.  Who will still be available and still sell to you at a sustainable price, both for them to complete the work, and me to be able to use the material for building and transforming from aircraft to art.  

Who will answer your email, who will return your telephone call? How much do you have to spend to be taken serious? I started out buying items at yard sales and craigslist.  Now I buy pieces from the largest and most desirable contacts in the world.  How? I started asking questions and forming relationships about the language of aircraft salvage and the end of life process to aircraft.  

It has been a long process getting here, and longer still to go.